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Manchester photographer in Focus : my interview with the APHP

As the most northerly, Manchester, based photographer in the Association of Professional Headshot Photographers they asked if I could answer a few questions for another of their regular blogs and I was very happy to oblige.

Manchester Photographer in Focus: 60 seconds with Michael Pollard

Michael on how he became a photographer, where he shoots his best work and how he would define his unique style.manchester actors headshots MichaelPollard
How did you become a photographer?
My Dad used to shoot cine film on holidays and that got me interested in images and film-making. I got my first camera when I was about 11. I studied photography at Uni but it almost killed the enthusiasm I had. Fortunately, I got into photographing bands and have never looked back.How did you get into shooting headshots specifically?
The drummer in one of the bands I was working with had a friend who was in a play and they needed a headshot for the programme. So with the help of an old blanket for a backdrop and the light from a window I did my first headshot.Where do you shoot?
In and around my house.

How would you define your style?
Honest, natural and simple.

Tell us what you like most about your job?
Well I consider myself very fortunate that I don’t have to do a proper job! Instead I get to meet and work with the most wonderful people, actors! If we can talk about music then that’s great. If not music then there’s a world of topics to discuss….and that’s the key, communication and collaboration. I love it!

And tell us what you like the least?
Not much! Probably my fingers getting cold in the winter months.

Who is your photography hero?
I’ve been inspired by so many photographers and artists over the years. Perhaps Jo Spence, Angus McBean and Keith Arnatt or the artist George Wyllie. I would much rather talk about my musical anti-hero Mark E Smith!

What track is most likely to be playing in your studio, or on your iPod?
If I’m not shooting then it’s got to be The Fall but when I’m in the company of my actors then I treat them to a lovely mix-tape of northern indie!

Jaffa Cake or Digestive?
Custard Creams

Wine or Beer?
My Dad used to brew his own beer and would simmer a bag of hops on the kitchen stove for some hours. That wonderful aroma has shaped the rest of my life.

Cats or Dogs?
I had a dog when I was in my early teens and we have cats now. They are slightly dysfunctional but still I love having pets. I would like to have a dog again…..but we’ll see.

Web address: www.michaelpollard.co.uk
Twitter: @MichaelActors
Insta: michaelpollardphotography
Facebook: Michael Pollard Photographer