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Manchester Headshot Photographer – Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes; in the studio with Manchester APHP member Michael Pollard

Peeking behind the scenes to catch a glimpse of where our members make the headshot magic happen: this month, keeping the vinyl to hand and daydreaming of sea views with our most Northerly member, Michael Pollard, based in Greater Manchester.
Where are you based?

I always say Manchester as I’m not sure everyone knows where Stockport is (I wasn’t until I moved here!) although it is home to the famous Strawberry Recording Studios and the less well known Hat Works Hat Museum!

How long have you worked here?

My daughter was two weeks old when we moved here and she turns 21 this week. Before then I worked in Manchester itself.

What’s great about where you shoot?

Actors tell me that we have a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere here which is really nice to know and it helps to settle any nerves and lets conversations flow which, for me, is one of the most important aspects of the shoot.

The spaces I work in are very simple and ordinary. But what is exciting is working within those spaces; collaborating and connecting with the person in front of the camera to create and capture something special that shows the actor’s character and personality.

We have flexible spaces that let me create indoor and outdoor shots all year round, no matter what the weather. I also like to mix things up by using studio backgrounds outdoors (see the gallery opposite).

What’s also great is that everything is to hand. Music is very important to me and so my record collection is always within reach!

Describe your dream studio:

I love photographing both in and out of doors so my outdoor ‘studio’ would be 24 degrees, overcast, with a very gentle southerly breeze and the sound of the sea. Indoors would be what I have now but with a sea view!actors headshots Manchester Michael Pollard 1846  Grazia Nelson actors headshots Manchester Michael Pollard Tom Lewin actors headshots Manchester Michael Pollard

Web address: www.michaelpollard.co.uk
Twitter: @michaelactors
Insta: michaelpollardphotography
Facebook: michaelpollardphotographer