The Manchester weather just keeps getting better!

Another chance to have a catch up, this time with actor Chloé Sweetman who returned to get some fresh, new headshots and to make the most of the good weather with plenty of natural light shots bringing out the blue of the eyes……oh and we also did a few studio headshots too!Chloé Sweetman5553colweb copy Chloé Sweetman5311colweb copy Chloé Sweetman5597colweb copy

An actors’ headshot shoot with character

All actors’ headshot sessions vary. No two actors are alike. Some shoots are very open and more about the actor and their playing age, so pushing the limits of that age range are sometimes the key focus of the shoot. With actor Susan Hewitt we wanted some shots that were very simple in approach Susan Hewitt1484colweband expressed her own personality and some where she explored more character ‘types’ that she new could potentially get her work. Just two of the shots here from a varied shoot showing some of the contrast in personality, type and mood.Susan Hewitt1240colweb

An actors’ headshot session without an actor!

OK, so apart from photographing art the only people I normally photograph are actors. But on this day I made an exception! This is the first shot taken from a hugely enjoyable shoot with Jordan Alexander who is a musical director, pianist and conductor. Jordan is also currently studying at LIPA in Liverpool.Jordan Alexander4237colweb

PJ’s plectrum!

One lunchtime at Edinburgh Fringe we were front row in a pub for a free show by the wonderful Phill Jupitus.

At the end of a song he threw his plectrum, apparently over our heads, into the audience.

On returning home I unpacked my rucksack & at the bottom found…….PJ’s plectrum!

PJs plectrum

Fall Friday without The Fall

Here’s a shot from an amazing gig I attended and photographed at The White Hotel in Salford in May, with Damo Suzuki and Imperial Wax.

An extraordinary experience in an extraordinary venue!

Fall Friday
Fall Friday without The Fall

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