Manchester Headshot Photographer – Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes; in the studio with Manchester APHP member Michael Pollard

Peeking behind the scenes to catch a glimpse of where our members make the headshot magic happen: this month, keeping the vinyl to hand and daydreaming of sea views with our most Northerly member, Michael Pollard, based in Greater Manchester.
Where are you based?

I always say Manchester as I’m not sure everyone knows where Stockport is (I wasn’t until I moved here!) although it is home to the famous Strawberry Recording Studios and the less well known Hat Works Hat Museum!

How long have you worked here?

My daughter was two weeks old when we moved here and she turns 21 this week. Before then I worked in Manchester itself.

What’s great about where you shoot?

Actors tell me that we have a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere here which is really nice to know and it helps to settle any nerves and lets conversations flow which, for me, is one of the most important aspects of the shoot.

The spaces I work in are very simple and ordinary. But what is exciting is working within those spaces; collaborating and connecting with the person in front of the camera to create and capture something special that shows the actor’s character and personality.

We have flexible spaces that let me create indoor and outdoor shots all year round, no matter what the weather. I also like to mix things up by using studio backgrounds outdoors (see the gallery opposite).

What’s also great is that everything is to hand. Music is very important to me and so my record collection is always within reach!

Describe your dream studio:

I love photographing both in and out of doors so my outdoor ‘studio’ would be 24 degrees, overcast, with a very gentle southerly breeze and the sound of the sea. Indoors would be what I have now but with a sea view!actors headshots Manchester Michael Pollard 1846  Grazia Nelson actors headshots Manchester Michael Pollard Tom Lewin actors headshots Manchester Michael Pollard

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Headshots – a selection of actors from November 2018

A small selection of actors’ headshots here from November. As the days start to get a bit colder and the light fades quickly in the afternoon, we still had plenty of opportunities to get outside during the shoots to get some lovely, bright, natural light shots as well as some taken indoors where we get a chance to warm up too!

First up is Connie O’Leary on her first headshot session and making it look very easy! Connie is represented by Louise Johnston Management.

It was my first shoot too with Melissa Wadsworth. Melissa is an actor at Dick and Lottie which is an independent/profit share theatre company specialising in the work of Alan Ayckbourn.

It was great to see young actor Joel Danziger back for a new headshot session. Joel currently attends acting classes in Manchester at David Johnson Drama and is represented by Broad Acting Management

Actor James Allen also comes under the title of a continuing series of my posts that I call ‘Is it me or are actors getting younger?’! James has also performed with Joel Danziger and is a very assured young actor and is very easy and a lot of fun to work with.

It was lovely to see Janet Marsh back again for some fresh, new headshots. I’ve photographed Janet for some years now and it’s always a real pleasure to welcome her back and get a chance to catch up. Janet is represented by Manchester actors’ agency based Lime Actors Management

It was good to meet and photograph Dave Smith on a day when you could still, just about, get away with a tee-shirt (and denim jacket here!)

Another chance to catch up with one of my actors was when former ALRA North student Chris Taberner came back for some new headshots with a very different look from when I last saw him. Chris is represented by JB Associates.

And another returning actor was Kai Freeman who also attends acting classes with David Johnson and is represented by Broad Acting Management.

Abi Dyson was also a returning actor with a wonderful new look. Now with a great new haircut that really puts the emphasis on the face.        Connie O'Leary actors headshots manchester Michael PollardMelissa Wadsworth actors headshots manchester Michael PollardJoel Danziger actors headshots manchester Michael PollardJames Allen actors headshots manchester Michael PollardJanet Marsh actors headshots manchester Michael PollardDave Smith actors headshots manchester Michael PollardChris Taberner actors headshots manchester Michael PollardKai Freeman actors headshots manchester Michael PollardAbi Dyson actors headshots manchester Michael Pollard

North west visit for a southern actor

It was great to meet and photograph Robert Reina for the first time. Into November and the weather is still very mild and the light is bright but cloudy… perfect really. And we made the most of the natural light during the shoot. Robert is based in the south but is represented by Nigel Adams at North West Actors so his visit north had two purposes… catch up with his agent and to call by here to get some fresh, new headshots to see him in to 2019. You will notice that Robert had a shave during the shoot which is a popular choice for many of the male actors I photograph as it can both change the shape of the face (if the beard is particularly long) and also take a few years off once clean shaven.Actors headshots Manchester Michael Pollard Robert Reina6657colweb Actors headshots Manchester Michael Pollard Robert Reina6938colweb Actors headshots Manchester Michael Pollard Robert Reina6980colweb

Manchester photographer in Focus : my interview with the APHP

As the most northerly, Manchester, based photographer in the Association of Professional Headshot Photographers they asked if I could answer a few questions for another of their regular blogs and I was very happy to oblige.

Manchester Photographer in Focus: 60 seconds with Michael Pollard

Michael on how he became a photographer, where he shoots his best work and how he would define his unique style.manchester actors headshots MichaelPollard
How did you become a photographer?
My Dad used to shoot cine film on holidays and that got me interested in images and film-making. I got my first camera when I was about 11. I studied photography at Uni but it almost killed the enthusiasm I had. Fortunately, I got into photographing bands and have never looked back.How did you get into shooting headshots specifically?
The drummer in one of the bands I was working with had a friend who was in a play and they needed a headshot for the programme. So with the help of an old blanket for a backdrop and the light from a window I did my first headshot.Where do you shoot?
In and around my house.

How would you define your style?
Honest, natural and simple.

Tell us what you like most about your job?
Well I consider myself very fortunate that I don’t have to do a proper job! Instead I get to meet and work with the most wonderful people, actors! If we can talk about music then that’s great. If not music then there’s a world of topics to discuss….and that’s the key, communication and collaboration. I love it!

And tell us what you like the least?
Not much! Probably my fingers getting cold in the winter months.

Who is your photography hero?
I’ve been inspired by so many photographers and artists over the years. Perhaps Jo Spence, Angus McBean and Keith Arnatt or the artist George Wyllie. I would much rather talk about my musical anti-hero Mark E Smith!

What track is most likely to be playing in your studio, or on your iPod?
If I’m not shooting then it’s got to be The Fall but when I’m in the company of my actors then I treat them to a lovely mix-tape of northern indie!

Jaffa Cake or Digestive?
Custard Creams

Wine or Beer?
My Dad used to brew his own beer and would simmer a bag of hops on the kitchen stove for some hours. That wonderful aroma has shaped the rest of my life.

Cats or Dogs?
I had a dog when I was in my early teens and we have cats now. They are slightly dysfunctional but still I love having pets. I would like to have a dog again…..but we’ll see.

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What a Shot – Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for an actor’s headshot session – The APHP Blog

As a member of The Association of Professional Headshot Photographers I was asked to write a short piece about a particular actor’s image that I’d taken. Not an easy task choosing just one as I found out!

What a Shot – Creating the Perfect Atmosphere with Michael Pollard

For Michael Pollard, the best headshots are taken when you capture what comes naturally.
I didn’t realise how hard it would be to find just one image to talk about! I could pull a number of shots from each session and say something different about all of them. But then each actor and each shoot is different. The constant, though, is trying to create an atmosphere and environment that lets the actor’s personality and potential come out through the photograph.
Alex Easton Michael Pollard Actors headshot Manchester

This was Alex Easton’s very first headshot session. We communicated via email beforehand and she asked for advice about how to prepare and what to bring. When she arrived it was clear that not only was she very easy to talk to but she had thought carefully about what to bring and was very positive about the session. We worked out a number of looks and changes before the shoot started and the purpose of this particular shot was to pitch Alex as young and upbeat…..something that came very naturally to her! And that’s why I like it. It feels honest and naturally exuberant. The only deceit is that we were pretending it was a glorious summer’s day when in fact it was a bit on the chilly side!

Where shot: Outside my house.
When shot: 29 September 2018
How shot: With natural light, an umbrella and lots of chatting and laughing.
What camera: One with a decent prime lens.

About Michael
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You can view the blog on the website of The Association of Professional Headshot Photographers here—creating-the-perfect-atmosphere-with-michael-pollard

Ending October photographing some familiar and some new actors’ faces

It was lovely to meet and photograph actor Chris Baxendale for the first time. At this time of the year you become aware of the days shortening so it’s good to make the most of the natural light while we still have some! And it was good light with a little bit of sunshine in the background adding a bit of sparkle to the shots. Chris is represented by Manchester actors’ agency Urban Talent

And it was a familiar face that returned for a new shoot to get some fresh, new headshots. Callum Arnott is always a joy to work with and we have a lot to catch up on during the shoot. Callum is rocking the denim look here! Callum is represented by Nigel Adams at actors’ agency North West Actors

Callum was followed by yet another new face, to me at least. It was a hugely enjoyable shoot with Ailsa Roanne and I do believe we talked about music…..funny that!

Ending the month of October was the return of Caroline Strong, making the journey down from her home in Scotland. It was lovely seeing Caroline again and getting a chance to catch up. Like many of the shoots, we talked and laughed a lot and somewhere in between we managed to get some headshots taken!          Chris Baxendale4418colweb copy  Actors headshots Manchester Callum Arnott Michael Pollard PhotographyActors headshots Manchester Ailsa Gillis Michael Pollard Photography Actors headshots Manchester Caroline Strong Michael Pollard Photography

The Manchester weather just keeps getting better!

Another chance to have a catch up, this time with actor Chloé Sweetman who returned to get some fresh, new headshots and to make the most of the good weather with plenty of natural light shots bringing out the blue of the eyes……oh and we also did a few studio headshots too!Chloé Sweetman5553colweb copy Chloé Sweetman5311colweb copy Chloé Sweetman5597colweb copy

An actor’s headshot shoot with character

All actors’ headshot sessions vary. No two actors are alike. Some shoots are very open and more about the actor and their playing age, so pushing the limits of that age range are sometimes the key focus of the shoot. With actor Susan Hewitt we wanted some shots that were very simple in approach Susan Hewitt1484colweband expressed her own personality and some where she explored more character ‘types’ that she new could potentially get her work. Just two of the shots here from a varied shoot showing some of the contrast in personality, type and mood.Susan Hewitt1240colweb

An actors’ headshot session without an actor!

OK, so apart from photographing art the only people I normally photograph are actors. But on this day I made an exception! This is the first shot taken from a hugely enjoyable shoot with Jordan Alexander who is a musical director, pianist and conductor. Jordan is also currently studying at LIPA in Liverpool.Jordan Alexander4237colweb

PJ’s plectrum!

One lunchtime at Edinburgh Fringe we were front row in a pub for a free show by the wonderful Phill Jupitus.

At the end of a song he threw his plectrum, apparently over our heads, into the audience.

On returning home I unpacked my rucksack & at the bottom found…….PJ’s plectrum!

PJs plectrum

Fall Friday without The Fall

Here’s a shot from an amazing gig I attended and photographed at The White Hotel in Salford in May, with Damo Suzuki and Imperial Wax.

An extraordinary experience in an extraordinary venue!

Fall Friday
Fall Friday without The Fall

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